We took 12 clients to the South of Namibia and what and experience. The South remains one of our favourite areas in Namibia with awesome scenery and places to see.

We started at Vioolsdrift and travelled west along the Orange river to Sendlingsdrift and then to Aus where we based ourselves for the next two nights. Zulu Overland did a sterling job of setting up camp and cooking up delicious meals and breakfast.

The next day we were off to Kolmanskop where the guys went on tour in the Ghost town. After that everyone was on their own time to visit and explore the surrounding of Luderitz. Some great pictures were taken of everyone’s discoveries and the evening around the campfire there was lots of talking going on.

Then we were off to Tsauchab river camp about 40km from Sossusvlei. The scenery on this road was just breath-takingand on route there we visited Duwiseb Castle. From Beta to Sessriem the road gave us a bit of a challenge but all these things are manageable if you listen to your leader and drive within your own ability. We stopped a few times to take in the beauty of this place and also to give the guys a breather. Everyone navigated through the few difficult sections safely and a ice cold beer on arrival at Tsauchab River Camp was just the thing to get the boys relaxed and sharing their days experience. The campsite at Tsauchab was just awesome and the hosts were very friendly.

The it was time for Sossusvlei. The guys were picked up at Sossusvlei Lodge to go on their tour into the dunes. The afternoon back at camp everyone was sharing their experiences of the dead valley climbing dunes etc. Sossusvlei is a special place with lots of scenic areas delivering perfect picture moments and memories that will stay with you forever.

Our turning point of the tour was up the next day as we travelled to Solitaire to have some of their famous apple crumble. Now the guys all agreed that it was great by they voted the apple crumble at Helmeringhausen Hotel beter J. The roads from Solitaire to Ai Ais is just beautiful and can qualify as a dirt highway. We camped at an awesome new camp 20km before Helmeringhausen, D’Urban Camp. What and awesome camp with each campsite having its own ablution. Kirsty the owner was an awesome host and took us on a stunning sunset drive on top of a mountain overlooking the valley. This was also where we celebrated one of the riders, Jaco’s birthday. He had to cut and share his cake with us while we watching the sunset. What a special moment.

The tours back is broken now and we heading down to Ai Ais for our last night in Namibia but  not before we did not watch the beautiful sight of the Fish River Canyon. We had lunch at the Canyon Road House and then headed to the view point where everyone was amazed by the size and beauty of this place. As we got closer to Ai Ais the temperature started increasing and the pools were a welcome addition to relax the muscles and just have a bit of a chill.

Sadly the next day it was time to head back to the border but we ended Namibia on a high with a special piece of road driving along riverbed through a beautiful canyon.

The South is definitely one of those tours you can do over and over again as every time you do it you experience something else.  It will be on the cards for 2019 so if you missed this one make sure you don’t miss it in 2019.










“This was one awesome tour. Thx to Michael from WAVOLT Adventures for a life changing experience. Great food, campsites, dirt roads and meeting fantastic people. Feeling so blessed.”  Marcelle Prinsloo


And lastly, here is a little taste of what it’s like to wake up in Namibia with WAVOLT Adventures!