Spring is here and in true fashion to celebrate Spring we had our Spring Tour in the Tankwa.
The weather in the Tankwa was perfect for our Spring Tour and as always the entrance over Katbakies pass was spectacular. We stopped over for lunch at the famous Tankwa Padstal which never fails to deliver that special Tankwa feeling. This is where the known stuff stopped for most of the guys. After lunch we set off on a stunning route that took as through a beautiful landscape that looked like anything but Tankwa. Our route took us past Oudebaskraal dam to Tankwa Tented Camp where we stayed for the two nights of the tour.

The hospitality of Tankwa Tented Camp was awesome with Wessel Elzebet Beyers and Elzebet Beyers being perfect hosts making everybody feel at home. Late afternoon in true Tankwa style we all dressed up with a tie and went to sun downer hill for that special sunset experience. Arriving back we were served with and awesome steak to make sure we are well lined for the evenings festivities. OnverklaarBar recorded another few stories to its record but that remains with OnverklaarBar.

On Saturday 1September Spring delivered….we woke up to the perfect Spring day in the Tankwa. We could not have asked for a better day to go riding. Now if you think the Tankwa consists of the Padstal, the R355, Ouberg pass and Gannaga Pass then you have it wrong. Our route surprised everyone with awesome scenery of places they did not know existed in the Tankwa. We arrived back late afternoon in time for everyone to freshen up, relax and share some stories of the days ride.
The evening we were served with the most awesome supper by Henk van Niekerk and his team. On the menu there was “waterblommetjie bredie”, sweet patatoes, braaied chicken, noodle salad, patatoes and the most delicious dessert. I don’t like “Waterblommetjie bredie” but boy Theresia can cook up a storm. I had two servings of the most delicious “Waterblommetjie Bredie” I have ever tasted in my life and everyone loved it. 

Our Tankwa Tour and our stay at the Tankwa Tented Camp was definitely one for the books. However awesome people make awesome tours and I have to thank each and every person that joined our Tankwa tour……you guys ROCK!!!